Help children from rural communities learn to read and love books through the Maleta Library project.

Goa, Camarines Sur


The Municipality of Goa is located in the province of Camarines Sur along with the Partido Area. Its terrain is mostly composed of mountains, hills, and rivers. Most of the barangays here are easily accessible with concrete roads, while a select few can only be reached by foot. There are 34 barangays in Goa where ten (10) of them are considered urban, and the rest, rural.

The Maleta Library is a program that aims to teach children basic love for books through storytelling and reading, as well as help them develop skills to perform better academically. The program also aims to revive the parent-child storytelling experience to encourage better familial bonds.

There are a lot of children in the mountains of Goa who do not have access to learn how to read English and Filipino books. These children belong to the poorest of the poor families who put farming first before learning how to read and write. Because of the ongoing pandemic, the rate of illiteracy continues to worsen. Through the Maleta Library program, many of these children will be given an opportunity to learn how to read and write.

Funding for this project amounting to PHP 127,463.60 will be used to purchase books, school supplies, and snacks to be distributed to children in two (2) barangays in Goa. 

With the help of the Goa Local Government Unity (LGU) - Trekking to Unlock Community Ailments and Difficulties (TUCAD) and other youth-led volunteer organizations, driven by their mission of caring and sharing, bringing the Maleta Library all over Goa will be a collaborative effort to fight for the Filipinos’ “freedom from illiteracy”.

Feb 26 2023 4:23AM
Tags: Education
Project Details:

In today's age, where many people are dependent on technology, some children still have never seen and read a book. Let's help these young generations from some remote provinces learn to read through the Maleta Library project.

Total Cost: Php 127,463.00

Donation Code: MaletaLibrary

Methods of Giving:
PHP 10,000.00 PHP 127,463.00

How to donate via Bank Transfer:
Donation Code: MaletaLibrary

From your online bank account, you may donate the following bank details:

Bank of the Philippines - Edsa Greenhills

Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, Inc.

3101 0977 56

3104 0162 34
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Take a screenshot of your payment and send proof of transaction along with donation code to

How to donate via E-Wallet:
Donation Code: MaletaLibrary
Scan the QR Code from any of the E-wallet accounts of Gawad Kalinga:





Important Note:

Take a screenshot of your payment and send proof of transaction along with donation code to