Clean Water Supply for the Students and Teachers of Barangay Greenhills Elementary School

Pres. Roxas, North Cotabato

Clean Water, Basic Human Needs, Health, Education

Greenhills Elementary School is one of the larger public schools of President Roxas Central District, North Cotabato. It is a 2-hectare school site located by the National Highway composed of 9 buildings utilized by 320 students and 12 faculty members. Right now, it is generating minimal income from the 350 rubber trees and 9 coconut trees growing within the property. Both faculty and students work with each other in maintaining this garden to help the school.

One of the biggest problems in this property is the inefficient water supply system. Today, both students and teachers themselves have to make the extra effort to fetch water using a pail from an area away from the buildings to help in watering the plants, cleaning comfort rooms and classrooms, hand washing, etc.

This is a sacrifice everyone attending the school has to make to continue their education and maintain cleanliness within the premises. Apart from being a distraction from academics, this process has also become risky to the students’ safety as the water source is located away from the main building campus.

The school and its stakeholders are seeking help to build a more efficient water supply system that can be connected to the main building and its classrooms. Ideally, from the water source, the pump will push the water to the water tank which is to be located at the upper level of the school. From here, pipes will be installed to distribute water to each classroom and the hand-washing facility.

The school has already gathered enough funding to begin the first phase of this project. The next phase will include the installation of an Electric Water Pump, which still needs funding to purchase durable materials such as:

2HP Electric Water Pump
200 m plastic PVC pipe
150 m electrical wires
PVC joints and connectors
12 pcs faucets

Tags: Clean Water, Basic Human Needs, Health, Education
Project Details:

Potable Water System for the Students and Teachers of Greenhills Elementary School

Total Cost: Php 132,337.00

Donation Code: CleanWaterGreenhills

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PHP 500.00 PHP 132,337.00

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Donation Code: CleanWaterGreenhills

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Bank of the Philippines - Edsa Greenhills

Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, Inc.

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Take a screenshot of your payment and send proof of transaction along with donation code to