Build a Deep Well Water System for the Teachers ad Students of Trinidad Central Elementary School II

Hinlayagan Ilaud, Trinidad, Bohol

Water System, Health, Quality Education

Trinidad Central II Elementary School, formerly known as Hinlayagan Ilaud Elementary School, is located at Barangay Hinlayagan Ilaud Trinidad Bohol and is 4kilometers away from the town proper. The school was founded in 1940 and for about 81 years now, the school’s biggest problem has been their lack of access to clean water.

The students and faculty members need to walk for about 5-10 minutes just to get water for their school garden. The school has a small reservoir which can store water to serve their lavatory needs for a period of one week. To add to the already difficult situation, it also doesn’t rain very often in this part of the country. Currently, their main source of water comes from a deep well, which is about 200 meters away from the school or from rice field canals which is about the same distance away. While they do have an overhead tank, it is not functional as there is no existing water source.

The ongoing modular form of learning at home has been a blessing in disguise for the 200 students and faculty members of Trinidad Central II Elementary School. This allowed them to stay at home where they have better access to clean and safe water. The leaders of the community and its members are concerned about this matter and would like to take this opportunity, while the students are at home, to build a deep well facility within their school premises in preparation for when face-to-face classes resume. The total amount needed for this project is PHP 152,149.00.

Existence of clean, safe, and abundant water will surely give smiles to the faces of students, teachers and other staff members of the school.

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Project Details:

Build a water system that will help teachers and students gain access to clean and safe water when they return to school once face to face classes are implemented.

Total Cost: Php 152,149.00

Donation Code: WaterSystemTCES

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