Provide school supplies for the students in GK Labisma in Bislig City for Modular Distance Learning

Labisma, Bislig City, Surigao del Sur

Education, Child and Youth Development

Barangay Labisma is one of the 24 barangays in Bislig City and is located at the eastern forest of Lawigan. Its name originated from the words Lawigan for ""La"", Bislig for ""Bis"", and Mangagoy for ""Ma"". These words are from the native dialect Bisliganon. Through a feew kilomters hike from this community, you will be able to access the beautiful coastline of Sua, which is surrounded by mountain ranges that provide the area with a cool climate. This results to rich farm lands which residents mainly rely on for livelihood. Also, it's proximity to the Paper Industries Corporation of the Philippines in Bislig City allows the area to experience a economic development.

While they look forward to their development as a community, it cannot be denied that the ongoing pandemic has greatly affected their lifestyle, especially the students who were used to attending class in a physical setting. It's been challenging enough for the parents to secure sufficient income for their daily sustenance, and now the students' acadamics are also compromised due to the additional requirements for the newly established modular distance learning. It is disheartening to hear stories of children as young as grade 2 are choosing to help their parents instead by working because of their lack of resources to attend school daily.

Filipinos value education and see it as a window to a brighter future. With the ongoing set up of modular learning, parents are burdened with more requirements in order to have their children continue attending school. For rural communities such as Barangay Labisma, this is one of the bigger challenges they are facing today. In order to help this community, this fundraising initiative aims to be able to gain access to basic school supplies such as notebooks, coloring materials, pens, and etc. One of their main requirements is to have 8 notebooks per student, 1 allotted per class. The community aims to raise a total of PHP 74,092 to cater to the needs of their students across various levels.

Tags: Education, Child and Youth Development
Project Details:

Support students in GK Labisma, Bislig City, Surigao del Sur with school supplies and help them study with better quality in the new normal way of modular distance learning.

Total Cost: Php 74,092.00

Donation Code: SchoolSuppliesLabisma

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PHP 0.00 PHP 74,092.00

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Donation Code: SchoolSuppliesLabisma

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Bank of the Philippines - Edsa Greenhills

Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, Inc.

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Donation Code: SchoolSuppliesLabisma
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