Safe and Clean Water Supply for the Upper Mahayahay Elementary School

Mahayahay Upper (Zone II), Maluso, Basilan

Education, Potable Water

The Barangay Upper Mahayahay Elementary School is the smallest school in the entire Maluso District School. The barangay itself is located the farthest within the terrains of the Municipality of Maluso. This particular area used to be a gathering place for the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), but today, the area has been declared to be neutralized and safer for the Yakan community.

The Upper Mahayahay Elementary School badly needs a potable water system installed within their premises. Currently, the students and faculty members trek the hillside on a daily basis in order to fetch water from a river to cater to their personal and school-related needs. This process has been found to be challenging and dangerous, especially for the younger students, and has greatly affected their learning experience as they lose focus on their academics. It is also often observed that students fall ill due to the possible contamination from their existing water source as they lack the proper equipment for water treatment.

Because of their remote location and limitation in local resources, it has been a challenge finding a way to address their need for water access and better water quality. This project aims to raise PHP 232,071 pesos in order to procure the materials needed for the installation of a facility that will provide the residents of Upper Mahayahay with access to clean water. While the face-to-face classes have not yet resumed, the local community leaders would like to take this period as an opportunity to improve their school facilities for the children, their health, and their safety.

Tags: Education, Clean Water
Project Details:

Let us help the students and faculty of Upper Mahayahay Elementary School to have access to clean water. Through the installation of this potable water facility, accidents that may occur in the process of fetching water from the terrains may be prevented.

Total Cost: Php 232,071.00

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